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My rate is £12/$15.65 an hour. The prices here are estimates, as depending on the complexity of the image it may take me more or less time than anticipated to complete it. If hoping to add a detailed background to your piece, expect that the price will rise somewhat dramatically.

Contact me at [email protected], or if easier for you, through twitter dms from @lucdrawsthings.

simple sketch
bust - est. 20 mins+ // £4
waist-up - est. 30 mins+ // £6
full body - est. 45 mins+ // £9

shaded sketch
bust - est. 1 hour+ // £12
waist-up - est. 1 hour+ // £12
full body - est. 1 hour and a half+ // £18

simple colour sketch
bust - est. 1 hour+ // £12
waist-up - est. 1 hour and a half+ // £18
full body - est. 2 hours+ // £24

colour sketch
bust - est. 1 hour+ // £12
waist-up - est. 1 hour and a half+ // £18
full body - est. 2 hours+ // £24

lines only
bust - est. 1 hour and a half+ // £18
waist-up - est. 2 hours+ // £24
full body - est. 2 and a half hours+ // £30

simple lines + shading
bust - est. 2 hours+ // £24
waist-up - est. 2 and a half hours+ // £30
full body - est. 3 hours+ // £36

lined with full flat colours
bust - est. 2 and a half hours+ //£30
waist-up - est. 3 hours+ // £36
full body - est. 3 and a half hours+ // £42

lined with simple 'skin-only' shading
bust - est. 3 hours+ // £36
waist-up - est. 3 and a half hours+ // £42
full body - est. 4 hours+ // £48

lined with messy watercolour shading
bust - est. 3 hours+ // £38
waist-up - est. 3 and a half hours+ // £44
full body - est. 4 hours+ // £50

lined with basic full shading
bust - est. 3 and a half hours+ // £42
waist-up - est. 4 hours+ // £54
full body - est. 4 and a half hours+ // £60

lined with complex shading
bust - est. 4 hours+ // £54
waist-up - est. 4 and a half hours+ // £60
full body - est. 5 hours+ // £72

bust - est. 5 hours+ // £72
waist-up - est. 7 hours+ // £96
full body - est. 10 hours+ // £120

Terms of Service (read if purchasing)

Any information held by the artist for this transaction (buyer’s name, age, email address, proof of identity, etc.) will only be stored for use in the transaction by the artist (sending invoices, proof of purchase, etc.) and will under no circumstances be passed on to any third parties. The transaction will not result in details being given to a third party or placing the buyer on a mailing list of any kind. Details given are for the artist’s eyes only.

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation, it is required for the artist to be provided with proof of ID in some form. No information on anyone under the age of 13 years old can be collected and stored without the consent of a parent or guardian, and so to avoid violation of the GDPR the buyer must be comfortable with disclosing age and proof of ID to the artist.

There will be no collection of special categories of personal data involved in this transaction. The buyer’s race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data (where this is used for identification purposes), health data, sex life, and sexual orientation, all classified by the GDPR as special categories of personal data, will not be collected as they are irrelevant to the transaction. The only information the artist needs is name, age, contact details (preferably email address), and proof of ID.

Depending on the complexity of the piece, please allow the artist between a minimum of a week and a month to complete the work. Backgrounds can be added to pieces for a negotiable fee based on complexity, but will also mean the piece takes longer to complete.

The artist reserves the right to refuse commissions for any reason before money has exchanged hands, as well as the right to issue a refund and cancel if he deems it necessary. This artist in particular will refuse to draw the following based on personal morals and feelings:

inflammatory/hateful imagery directed at any minority group
minors in any situation that could be considered sexual or excessively violent towards them
anything remotely paedophilic in nature, whether overtly sexual or not
sexual gore/guro
any sort of imagery involving visible damage to the eyeballs (implied is fine)
any sort of imagery involving visible brain matter
any sort of imagery involving genital mutilation
incestuous imagery (this includes adoptive familial ties as well as blood ties)
non-consensual sexual situations

Minors (anyone below the age of 18) are prohibited from purchasing any art that is sexual in nature from the artist, as well as anything containing nudity just to be safe.

Refunds/cancellations are fine, but if the artist is a considerable way into the piece at the time it’s cancelled he reserves the right to request a small cancellation fee for the wasted time.


I'm Lucas, a trans man (he/they) and a digital artist from northwest England.
If you see a piece from me you like the style of and want to commission something in the same style, but find that it isn't listed on the commissions page, don't hesitate to ask about it!

I draw a lot of original content, but recently have been drawing much more fanart.
I write and draw a webcomic, Shadowed, the links to which can be found on the projects page.


My original fantasy-adventure webcomic!

Strange things can hide themselves in the shadows.

This is a story about Emmanuel Hallewell. …Kinda. Rather, this is a story of three people whose lives have been affected by Emmanuel Hallewell. For good or for bad, he’s the thread that’s going to tie them together, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Updates Sundays at 6:30pm GMT / 10:30am PST.

A silly little Critical Role fanart project thing! I will draw Mollymauk Tealeaf at least once a week, indefinitely.


Illustrations commissioned for the DnD splatbook, the Book of House. In total I created seven illustrations for the book - five lineart pieces with one for each newly-offered background, and two flat colour pieces for some new subclasses. The examples here are the Rodéo Rancher Gnoll, the Mimé Performer Dragonborn, and the Painter Clonn.

SHADOWED character concepts

Finalised character designs for the main cast of my webcomic, Shadowed. The characters exist in a modern fantasy setting, so with these designed I tried to blend more modern clothing with the typical old-fashioned style of clothing featured in various fantasy adventure works.

SHADOWED example pages

A selection of unrelated pages from my webcomic, Shadowed.

misc. works

existing Character redesign/lineup; fe3h cast